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January 10 2015

What is Anxiety Part 1: Stress Response, the Core of Anxiety

what is anxiety
Anxiety occurs when a person feeling nervous, anxious, jumpy and fear. Very often, an individual who is struggling with depression also will experience anxiety. Anxiety includes panic, general anxiety, social anxiety, phobias and others. Something the main thing is always to control and prevent it immediately.

anxiety stress
Those who are struggling with panic attacks and anxiety attack will tend to feel as they are having cardiac event. It is because they will often feel breathless and pain in the chest. Panic attacks will raise our blood pressure, it's very dangerous being a person could faint through the attacks.

Anxiety attacks often a results of insufficient confidence. The individual will have a tendency to feel that they are worthless and feel so stress and fear especially when they required doing a presentation or speech in front of a group of people. They may be over conscious on how people will look at them and think negative about them, which is just an imagination for many years and it's also not real.

They will often feel uneasy and worried easily even it's really a small thing. During the night, they're having difficulty to fall asleep which will cause tiredness and never in a position to stay focus the following day. Tiredness will make someone being angry, irritable and think that you are uncontrollable over your behavior.

It is very unhealthy to be prone to anxiety for too long, face it and possess it solved fast. You can find treatments, techniques and treatments online on how to handle your stressful life or seek help from professional counselor to teach you the skill to manage and prevent anxiety.
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